Milky Thai Iced Tea

Days are still warm so make a lot of Thai Iced Tea to refresh yourself !
Do you remember Summertime Sun Tea that Simon wrote about a few weeks ago? It was a colorful, funny and first of all tasty Iced Tea which satisfied your thirst. During the summer it’s important to be appropriately hydrated, therefore this weekend I checked another delicious recipe for refreshing, milky iced tea – I’ve tried it in a fancy Thai restaurant.

Todd Porter & Diane Cu show how to do this strong, sweet and very good beverage. Using this two ingredients – sweet tea and cold milk, we are able to create a great palette of colors from creamy white to deep dark brown. With a couple of ice cubes it gets chilly refreshing touch.

Be creative, use different proportion of ingredients, mix it with fresh leaves of mint or delicious syrup. Do your best and show us your results!

Check out the recipe on White on Rice Couple.

What you need:


  • Glasses

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Black Tea bags
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Milk


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