Meat Hand

Prepare a piece of meat the way it scares but tastes
As opposed to the rest of the Handimania’s crew, I eat meat. What can I say...I love meat. That’s why a recipe for a dish I'm going to present you is meat-based. As Halloween is approaching fast, I would suggest a dish that looks scary, but tastes frighteningly good! Remember to take it as a festive joke. I have no cannibalistic tendencies.

The preparation of this meal is very simple, and most often we have the necessary ingredients close at hand ;) Megan, remember (!) Not-Martha, prepared this Meat Hand in three differents ways. In my opinion each version looks frightful and tastes amazing.

I think it's a great idea for a dinner with friends on a scary Halloween evening. After surprise and fear pass (in case they thought that they were supposed to eat a real human hand) I have no doubt that your folks will appreciate your sense of humor, cooking skills and creativity.

After all, it's just an unusually looking meatloaf with cheese and onion. Food that is simple, looks spooky, and it tastes insanely. After this dinner you'll have the strength to do hilarious jokes and visit the neighborhood searching for candies.

To read full recipe and step by step instructions of Meat Hand, click the link.


Meat Hand

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