Indoor S’mores

Bake some S’mores, even though the weather tells you to stay home!
Every season has its own individual, unique mood. It’s natural that in winter we miss sun and warm temperatures, on the other hand in summer, snow and romantic atmosphere of wintry days are something that we are looking forward to. We recall past months while impatiently waiting for our favorite season to come back.

For those who can’t wait summer time, I have got a proposition of a dish, which will make you feel warm little bit during these cold days and give you energy to survive until spring, at least.

I found this recipe on the “Dessert For Two” website running by Christina. She has prepared this creative tutorial and filled it with nice step by step pictures to help you prepare this yummy dessert.

If you are sweets maniacs, check out Sweet Grilled Cheese Heart recipe, we wrote about some time ago - you won’t be able to resist it!

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You can find the full recipe of Indoor S’mores here, just click the link!



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