Ice Bowl

Freeze some water to make a bowl!
Have you ever wondered how to surprise your guests? Of course you can serve Bacon Honey Buns or Quick Bread in a Bottle to build up their appetite. The food taste is an important factor but another crucial thing is how it’s served.

Wiki How website comes up with an Ice Bowl which is astonishing and spectacular. They present two way of preparing this icy container. The first bowl stays transparent, the other consists frozen floral and fruit decoration which in my opinion even adds to its coolness. However, both can be filled with fruit salads, ice cubes, dips or ice cream.

What do you think about this icy bowl? Don't’ you think it may melt too fast? Fell free to leave a comment below.

A tutorial on Ice Bowl is here.


What you need:


  • Knife
  • Freezer
  • Scissors
  • Sink
  • Kitchen blow torch or flame

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Balloon


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