Homemade 5 Minutes Sorbet

Four ingredients, a little bit of shaking and you're ready to serve ice dessert.
Do you remember the Pineapple Sorbet Bowl we presented a while ago? We'll show you how to fill it with yummy, homemade sorbet.

Preparing freezing, juicy sorbet at home is much easier and faster that you might have even thought! With this simple trick, using stuff you've got at home, you'll be able to serve delicious ice dessert, almost straight from, either regular string bag or aforementioned pineapple bowl, in just a few minutes.

Not more than four simple ingredients like salt, water, juice and ice, two string bags (we love those from IKEA), and you are ready to start. Remember about few important tips we're going to write down for you here:

* Use 100% juice

* Cool it down in a fridge a bit before, to speed up the process of freezing

* Prepare some gloves as the bag turns really cold while shaking

* While shaking, string bags tend to break a bit, it would be a good idea to use two bags at once. You'll avoid not only spilling the water on the floor, but also mixing salt with your sorbet.

Do not hesitate to experiment with different tastes. Give us your feedback on Facebook and will appreciate some pictures of ready sorbet of yours too!

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Do you remember the Pineapple Sorbet Bowl we presented a while ago?

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