High Heel Cupcakes

Bake these cupcakes for a hen party!
My friend is getting married in May and I’m organizing a hen party for her. Of course, there will be some pink bunny ears for each girl, some funny games and a lot of laughter. I’m also responsible for food. I’ve planned to bake Rigatoni Pasta Pie as a main dish.

However, for some time I’ve been looking for a sweet dessert to celebrate such an occasion. Finally, I’ve come across a brilliant idea posted by Alysha on How Does She. High Heel Cupcakes are so girlish, stylish and sexy that they are a perfect choice for a hen party. I’m sure these lavishly decorated cupcakes will be a smash.

Do you know any other hen party ideas? Don’t wait to surprise us with funny games. Send the ideas to our fan page.

A recipe of High Heel Cupcakes can be found here.









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