Herbs Frozen in Olive Oil

Preserve and freeze your favorite herbs in olive oil.
I could use my feezer not only for regular ice cubes or preserving fruits but also to preserve hard herbs in olive oil. Recently I have found this cool idea on one of the most interesting sites about cooking, thekichn.com. It is simple and yet I wouldn’t have thought about it before. Even during the time that fresh herbs can be bought on each corner and, what’s more, you can grow them at home, it is good to have them in those oily cubes prepared to throw straight on the frying pan whenever you are in need for a quick meal.

I am under the impression that I am in this “quick-meal need” all the time. There is so much work with the site, little Anya and Dorian, and Simon... Anyway, we all love good food (or breasts some of us) with loads of herbs in it, that is why Herbs Frozen in Olive Oil, great pictures on The Kitchn by Faith Durand, by the way, would be the perfect solution for us Handimaniacs.

As they recommend it on The Kitchn site it is not a good idea to freeze soft herbs like, mint, basil, lemon, verbena and dill but of course you might want to experiment on your own risk - go ahead! Now I am thinking about the garlic which I love in huge amounts. Just imagine freshly cut or squeezed, then mixed with a little bit of rosemary and added to olive oil before freezing - the best Spaghetti Aglio e Olio ready ;) Either you are a guy or a girl I am pretty sure you wouldn’t resist trying this delicious cubes, so Do try this at home and tell us about it!

Herbs Frozen in Olive Oil
Image credits: Faith Durand

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