Happy Holiday Bread

Bake an unusual bread that will cheer you up with just its shape
Cheesy Pull Apart Bread that Karina prepared some time ago, was undeniably my favorite one, and as looking at the number of shares, most of you loved it too.

Each weekend I am totally off cooking, but somehow, searching for inspirations and interesting DIY's to show on our website, I tend to find many delicious recipes and unique food tutorials. This, as I called it "Happy Holiday Bread", has just jumped on me straight from "Foodiva's Kitchen". She not only wrote a nice story underneath, but also provided her tips and detailed description on how to bake this extraordinary, flowery bread.

It surely makes me smile when I look at it, what is more, makes me take out my baking pan. If I have the courage to make it, who knows! What are your feelings on this recipe? Maybe you prefer plain loafs to this bizarre bread? Share your opinion with us and don't forget to include some pictures when you complete this yummy project.

Happy Holiday Bread recipe with step by step instructions, under the linked area!

Have fun and be creative!

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Happy Holiday Bread

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