Halloween Mini Cakes

Prepare these frighteningly good mini cakes!
It’s another great project using mason jars. You know how I like them. I think these jars make everything look more attractive. By the way, have you seen our Glow Stick Fairy Jars video yet? Not only this one is special because of upcoming Halloween, but also this ghostly dessert. Now you’ve got the chance to do both!

Natalie from Life Made Simple showed and explained how you can make three different desserts: Frankenstein, Mummy and Jack-O-Lantern. They are awesome! What’s important they aren't hard to make, you need to decorate the jar from the outside and fill them according Natalie’s instruction. Piece of ghostly cake ;) In case you want to prepare Halloween main dish, check out Necronomicon Pizza.

Do you know other typical Halloween recipes? Let me know in comments below!

Check out the tutorial on Life Made Simple.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Mason jars
  • Sharpie paint pen
  • Googly eyes
  • Super glue
  • Black sprinkles
  • Food coloring
  • Gauze
  • White cake mix
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Heavy cream
  • Vanilla extract
  • Salt


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