Grilled Banana & Chocolate Split

Finish your barbeque with this simple but delicious hot dessert.
Not longer than few days ago we showed you how to make natural Raw Potato Non-Stick Grill Trick and it would be rude of us to live you without an easy idea for a barbeque treat after it.

We suppose you already know how to Keep Bananas Fresh Longer. As soon as they are ready to eat and you are ready to sum up your family and friends garden grilling with something stunning and yet simple, try this Grilled Banana & Chocolate Dessert.

You may need few useful tips before you start. First of all, be careful not to cut your fruit all along as the chocolate will spill all over the grill while melting. Second of all, use high quality, natural chocolate as it melts nicer and tastes much better. Next, if you do not need your split right away, just wrap it in foil. It will take about 20 minutes (while 5 -10 without wrapping) to be ready and served in cleaner and more elegant way.

Last but not least, before trying it, stir it a bit with a spoon to join hot banana with melted chocolate. If you don't like really sweet desserts, we recommend adding lime juice or a bit of rum - you'll feel like in heaven trying it. Although we didn't try it, some of you say marshmallows are the best ingredients to add.

All in all, when you look at your grilled banana, you can get the impression it won't taste so good, but believe us it is so worth trying in spite of this weird image ;)

We can't wait your opinions on this summer snack. Feel free to comment on our FB fan page.

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