Fruit Christmas Tree

Turn your favorite fruits into a juicy and healthy Christmas tree
Winter is a hard time for all fruit lovers. I am one of them so I know how hard is to find good, local and inexpensive fruits. The fact is that we need to eat vitamin, energy bombs, especially to survive cold, snowy days. As Christmas day is approaching fast, I assume it is a great idea to conjoin healthy food and some winter decoration. We have already featured edible Veggie Christmas Tree, and this one is as healthy as fruity!

Our tree is very easy to create, and you can eat every single part of it, so nothing is going to waste.Feel free to check out some more inspirations here. The project I’m gonna present is based on grapes mainly, but if you want, you can replace them with any other fruit, perhaps even more exotic ones. Of course, green fruits are the most similar to twigs, but you can use your imagination, and create something really crazy - who said Christmas must be about green and red!?

If I wanted to give you some advice, I would tell you to buy fruits not so ripe, so they stay fresh longer - if you manage to resist the temptation.

Please be brave and proudly show off with your fruit trees on our facebook timeline!


Gather all tools and supplies on working table.


Cut kiwis into cubes.


Use fruit cutter to cut shapes from pineapple slices.


Distribute all fruits into separate bowls on the table.


Cut off the bottom part of an apple to make it stand straight on the plate.


Now it is time to carve a hole for a carrot. Try not to make it too big. If it hppens, stick the carrot inside and suff the hole with few blueberries to fix the carrot firmly.


Put the carrot inside. Remember the thin end should be directed upward.


Impact some toothpicks into an apple just like shown in the picture.


Cut the rest of your toothpicks to adjust their length to the upper part of your tree.


This is how your base should look like.


Be creative, use as many fruits as you like. You have almost finished.


The most important part of each Christmas tree is a STAR. Take a cookie cutter and cut out a nice, melon star.


Woila! Here it is, a perfect tree to decorate your table. Merry Christmas!


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