Frosty Polar Bear Cake

Make this cute “furry” cake and have a lot of fun with your kiddo!
This time I want to present a tutorial suitable for adults as well as for young ones. It will be a great dessert for kid’s birthday party or as a gift for grown-up animal lover. Preparing this cake will bring you a lot of fun, according to Lyndsay Sung, the author of this recipe. It will be joyful especially for kids who love making fur with piping bag.

The tutorial is comprehensive and every step is shown on detailed picture, but it explains only decoration steps and preparing vanilla buttercream. You can use any recipe for a cake and make it yourself or simply buy one.

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Let us know if you had fun making the Frosty Polar Bear Cake - we are eagerly waiting for images of your version on our fan page!

Go to the Handmade Charlotte to see the full recipe!




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