Fluffy Fox Cake

Make this unusual cake resembling a cute fox!
I remember little zoo biscuits my grandma bought every Saturday. I am an animal lover so I adore the idea of presenting treats in animal forms, they bring memories of my childhood.

Some time ago Gaba presented a Frosty Polar Bear Cake, a perfect cake for kids’ birthday parties. It was a real sock so I searched one of our favourite sources “Handmade Charlotte” site to find what other specialties our cake master Lyndsay Sung offers.

If you have already tried to make the previous cake, now think of A Furry Fox which may make a really good company for the bear. I’m sure your kids will appreciate your efforts.

It’s high time you used your baking skills to make this cute pie. Make the whole table of forest animals for your kids, share your work with us on our fan page!

You can find a neat and detailed tutorial of Fluffy Fox Cake, here!




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