Cookie lollipops

For the New Year’s Eve to be successful make sure to use the following recipe for an original sweet snack. Cookie lollipops are going to be a hit!


Portions: 12

-3 packs of Oreo cookies
-300g of cream cheese
-400g of dark chocolate
-400g of white chocolate
colorful topping for decoration


1. In a bowl combine crushed oreo and cream cheese.
Cookie lollipops 1

2. Form the resulting mixture into balls and place them on a stick. Then put them in the freezer for 30 minutes.
Cookie lollipops 2

3. In a meantime, dissolve white and bitter chocolate in a water bath. Then decorate cookie lollipops with it and add sugar sprinkles as desired.
 Cookie lollipops 3

4. Bon Appetit!
Cookie lollipops 4