No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal

Prepare this oatmeal without cooking!
I carry out my constant search for finespun flavours, ingredients and combinations. There are obviously some restrictions I imposed on my diet but mostly I’m open to new recipes especially when they aren’t too much time-consuming. As I don’t eat wheat I tend to look for simple treats like 2 Ingredient Cookies which don’t contain flour.

You may wonder what I eat for breakfast if I can’t eat a sandwich. Well, it’s usually a bowl of cooked millet or rice with fruit. But recently I’ve discovered a taste of porridge. Monica Matheny from The Yummy Life suggests preparing a no-cook version of oatmeal. The basis for this treat is old-fashioned oats, milk, yogurt, and chia seeds which can be mixed with any desired sweeteners or fruit. After mixing the ingredients you leave them in the fridge overnight. This No-Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal is packed with nutrition and flavours.

I believe it may become my perfect breakfast. What do you eat for breakfast? Post your recipes for nutritional meal in comments below.

Check out the recipe on The Yummy Life.


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