Butterfly-shaped Cake

Again I’ll start with something sweet. It won’t be a recipe for a cake this time though, but an easy guide to assemble butterfly cake. I do a lot of crochet and knitting without patterns so I thought I have a little bit of geometrical imagination but I think I don’t. I was always stunned with all those crazy b-day cakes but it all seamed to be too difficult.

I have found this photo of an easy butterfly cake but unfortunately the whole recipe vanished from the internet some time ago. Even though we can’t provide the original recipe I decided to show you step by step guide to make a Butterfly-shaped Cake with any cake you can prepare at home.

As soon as we have a cooking assistance at Handimania we will update this post with our recipe, I promise! Check out this guide below and hope you’ll use it with the first occasion to celebrate your daughter’s birthday.



With a long knife cut your cake in half then ecach of these halfs into 1/3 and 2/3 pieces.



On a tray arrange your cake pieces so that curved sides stay together forming butterfly. In order to form wings separate cake pieces.


If Anya shows any interest in butterflies in the nearest future she’ll get that cake for her first birthday. Is there anyone who could make a ladybird-shaped cake? Tell us about it on facebook!

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