Butter and Buttermilk

Prepare delicious and fresh homemade heart-shaped butter!
I think that returning to traditional methods of preparing food is very needed and is a great opposition to fast food. Some time ago, on the local market, I bought milk straight from the farmer. Its taste was much, much better than the taste of the milk from the grocery store. A few days later I was able to make white cheese. It was very delicate, natural and healthy. I recalled old times when food was less processed

Cassie from the Thrifty Couple website shows recipe for preparing butter. Its preparation, as it turns out, it’s not that hard. It’s another tasty, healthy dairy product, as Mozzarella, which we showed you some time ago. Butter and cheese both are perfect food addition. If you are herbs fan, feel free to add some. Furthermore, you can add garlic or honey, it depends only on your creativity.

Do you use any traditional method of preparing food in your kitchen? Do you have favorite one? Talk to me in comments below!

Check out the full recipe on the Thrifty Couple.


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