Buffet Pancake Dippers

Prepare this awesome breakfast with pancakes and bacon!
I love to browse the web and search for recipes or new variants of my favourite dishes. I have a special set of breakfast and dinner. I innovate it with a huge pleasure, but I left the base of the meal unchanged. Pancakes are my favourites for years, I can eat them in any form: sweet, salty, spicy. They associate with my happy childhood, when me and my family had time for sitting together and eating with no rush or stress.

To revive these good memories I’ve decided to check this interesting recipe, which I found on the “Lady Behind The Curtain” website. It’s awesome because it conjoins two best things in the World: pancakes and bacon. I can’t even imagine more delicious breakfast!

If you are a bacon maniac, check the recipe for Mini Bacon Egg Cups!

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Follow the link to see the full recipe of Buffet Pancake Dippers!



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