Bubble Gum Frosting Cupcakes

Bake simple cupcakes but with the most extraordinary frosting on top!
This post is to all cupcakes lovers! Delicious confections are geared towards kids but please, do not underestimate the adults desire for sweets.

We are adding the real stars of the show to our sweet cupcakes list, namely: Bubble Gum Frosting Cupcakes with Gelatin Bubbles from Heather, who loves dessert.

Bubble gum flavor reminds you of childhood for sure, but how on earth can we close this flavor in a small cake?

The Sprinkle Bakes blog will be a real source of information. You will find there all step by step instructions on how to make this beautiful gelatin bubbles perched on top of each cupcake and delicious creamy pink bubble gum frosting.

There are one thing you need to remember before you start making this perfect topping. The bubbles are made of gelatin and water, so although they’re technically edible, they’re probably nothing you are going to want to eat. Just like Heather informs us "they won’t hurt you if you eat them, but there are lots of things that are way more tasty".

These Gelatin Bubbles Cupcakes are almost too perfect and fun to eat. Who are we kidding? We’d totally eat a dozen if no one was looking. Not only they are yummy, but they also look cool, don’t you think!? Are you determined enough to make, hmm… a dozen of those?


What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Small balloons
  • Powdered gelatin

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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