Braided Nutella Star Bread – All Steps

Bake unique Christmas star bread full of chocolate flavor
If you liked Happy Holiday Bread, Mania wrote about some time ago, you'd be amazed, how easy this one is. You can try and experiment with some other fillings like jam, but I failed - it melted down entirely in the oven.

The most important tip from me would be : PREHEAT Nutella jar in a bowl of hot water before you start applying it on the thin layers of your dough. It will spread much easier, and you will not damage the delicate surface of each layer!

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What you need:


  • large bowl
  • sieve
  • wooden spoon
  • rolling pin
  • 3 small bowls
  • small, plastic bottle
  • spatula
  • saucepan
  • cake tin
  • linen cloth
  • brush
  • small glass or cup
  • wooden butter knife
  • sharp kitchen knife

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 450 g (3½ cups) of flour plus around 50 g ( ⅜ cup) for sprinkling
  • 180 ml (¾ cup) of milk
  • 2 egg yolks (use egg whites for brushing the bread)
  • 8 g (1 ½ tsp) of active dry yeast
  • 30 g (2 tbsp) of butter
  • 70 g (⅓ cup) of sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 200 g (around 1 cup) of chocolate spread

Let’s begin with gathering all ingredients and kitchen tools :) Remember to take the butter out of a fridge :)



First, pour milk into a saucepan and heat it to 30 C° (around 85 F°). When the milk is warm, add yeast, one tbs of sugar and flour and dissolve all ingredients. Let it sit for 15 minutes to activate.



For the best quality of the dough, sift flour through a sieve. Then, in a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients: flour, sugar and salt.




Separate egg yolks from egg whites (you can use the Egg Yolk Trick we featured some time ago).



When your egg yolks are ready, add them with butter and yeast to the bowl with dry ingredients.



Mix everything with a wooden spoon.



Knead dough for about 7 minutes.



If your dough is smooth and just a bit sticky, put it into a bowl, cover with a linen cloth, and set it in a warm place. Let it rise for around 40 minutes (it should double its size). When the dough is almost ready, you can turn on an oven and heat it to 180°C/350°F, and put your chocolate spread into a bowl with hot water.



Dough is back in the game ;) Place it on a lightly floured surface. Remember to keep some flour for sprinkling at hand.



Knead dough for around 1 minute, then divide it into 4 equal parts.



Roll the first of four parts into a circle. The dough should be 2-3 mm
(0,1 inch) thick.



Place the dough circle on a piece of baking paper. Take a cake tin and mark it off on the first layer.



Now, cover the marked area with a thin layer of chocolate spread. The easiest way is to use a wooden butter knife or a table knife without prongs.



Roll another layer of dough, place it on the previous one and mark off the cake tin on it. Then, put the chocolate spread on the marked area. Repeat the procedure with the next layer.



Finally, here comes the last layer :) Put it on the previous ones and cover it with a cake tin. Cut excess dough with a knife.



Using a small glass or a coffee cup, mark the center of the cake.



Divide the cake into quarters – start cutting from the marked circle (remember to leave the center intact!) Then, divide every quarter into four equal parts. At the end you should have 16 equal parts.




Take two parts of the cake in both hands and delicately twist them in opposite directions. Repeat with all pairs to form eight-armed star.



Twist the ends of each arm underneath to create a round shape.



Yippie! Your Braided Nutella Star Bread is almost ready!



Brush surface of the bread with egg white before putting it into the oven.



Bake at 180°C/350°F, for around 15 to 20 minutes. For the first 10 minutes use only lower heater, then turn the upper one too.




Looks great, huh? Bon Appétit!


52 thoughts on “Braided Nutella Star Bread – All Steps

  1. Karina Haczek says:

    would be great to see photos of your Nutella Star Bread! soon you’ll be able to add them directly to users galleries under the posts :) stay tuned and have fun baking @Welly :)

  2. Simon Raczka says:

    I see that @gababanas forgot to write the temperature :) It should be 356°F / 180°C.

  3. Karina Haczek says:

    it worked for us :) but if you like your dough to be more moist, you don’t need to use up the whole amount of flour :)

  4. Zincelli says:

    Yesterday was a birthday of my boyfriend, so i wanted to make a surprise for him (he loves chocolate and all kind of sweets). I made all the steps, carefully following the video tutorial but:
    First, a dough was sooo sticky, so i decided to add around 4-5 table spoons of flour, but it didn’t work even i kneaded it for 15 minutes in a bowl. It remained sticky. Second, i thought, ok, let’s see if it will double it’s size and then i’ll knead it on the table adding more flour. It didn’t work at all.
    I don’t know what went wrong, maybe the yeast’s quality was bad or something more. But surprise was failed :(

  5. Karina Haczek says:

    you can add less milk or try baking with organic flour (I learned that it behaves in a different way than the regular one) :) what kind of yeast did you use?

  6. Karina Haczek says:

    I couldn’t find “upper oven” anywhere ;) But maybe you meant upper heater?

  7. Zincelli says:

    The second day I took a dough out of fridge and wanted to throw it away. but then, adding a bit of flour again i made layers (it was quite difficult to do due to the quantity of flour again, hahaha). I used an ordinary yeast that i bought in the shop (dry yeast, each bag of 9.5g). Finally i made it. The last picture is mine :)

  8. Karina Haczek says:

    Congrats @Zincelli! :) It’s great to hear that you overcame the difficulties :) Hope you’ll try it again even though the first time wasn’t a piece of cake ;) greets :)

  9. Kitty says:

    hi i was watching the youtube video and was wondering what else you put in the milk beside the yeast? because u added 3 things into the milk but it doesn’t say in the description so i was wondering what to add in the liquid before adding to the dry ingredients ?? thanks!

  10. Karina Haczek says:

    hi @Kitty :) you’re right, we didn’t show it clearly :( we put some sugar and flour in the milk. greets

  11. MrsHartenstine says:

    My husband and I tried this recipe over the weekend…the first time, we ended up throwing away the whole mixture from step 6, because it was so crumbly in texture. The dough was not forming into a dough at all! We decided to try again, from the beginning. The same thing happened! We ended up adding almost another whole cup of milk to it in order to make a dough! (We also ended up kneading the dough for almost 30 minutes, which we know is NOT good for bread…) So, it could have turned out a lot better, but in the end, we made it work by changing the recipe, and it was really tasty! Now we know, more milk next time….

  12. lara says:

    she meant the different sides you can heat in the owen :) there’s the lower one, upper one and both sides!

  13. Stacey says:

    I usually weigh out the flour rather then use a cup to measure, because the way the flour is packed and the cup accuracy can make a difference.

  14. Dorothy Palmer says:

    WAY too much flour for this recipe! I think it is a mistake. The recipe works if you use 1 cup milk and only about 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 cups flour. Everything else remains the same.

  15. Gaba Banas says:

    Thanks for your tip! Some people told us that there was too much flour in the recipe, but some people wrote that there was not enough…we think it depends on flour type and the type of yeast you use. Cheers! :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hello, thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.
    I made the dough , it turned out to be perrrrfect!
    But i first weigh the flour – I used pastry flour- and measured it in measuring cups, 450grms equals 31/4 cup exactely …i followed all the other steps… Mixed it first with a spoon then kneeded it 100 turn- abt 8 min… So easy and neat.
    The rest went all well…I used the whole dough, And it was extraordinnary.

  17. Rebekkah says:

    Made the dough as written. DEFINITELY WAY TOO MUCH FLOUR. Scaled back to 2 cups flour/1 cup milk. Worked fine.

  18. Julia says:

    After I tried it, I wished I had put cinnamon and sugar instead of nutella. It doesn’t go well in this sort of cake.

  19. Aneta Kozera says:

    What is tin cake size? I’ve got 30cm and i don’t know if it’s good. Could somebody help me? Sory for my English, I’m from Poland

  20. Gaba Banas says:

    Tak użyliśmy tortownicy o 30 cm średnicy. Wszystko około tego rozmiaru będzie pasowało :) Pozdrawiamy!

  21. Gaba Banas says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea. It should be left in a warm place, not in the refrigerator ;) Good luck

  22. Simona Popa says:

    Hello from Romania! I made the cake with all these ingredients, as you said. It was great! Maybe I let the dough more then 40 min to rise (about 80 min, I think) and I made a mistake because I cooked the cake more then 15-20 min, I let it 25-30 and it was too much. But it looks great, tha final picture it’s mine! :-)

  23. Gaba Banas says:

    We’re glad you found this recipe useful! Thanks for a photo, your version looks great! Greetings from Poland ;)

  24. anonymous says:

    The flour to liquid ratio in this recipe is way off. I measured everything exactly and it wouldn’t even form a cohesive dough when mixed. Even adding a significant amount of extra milk didn’t do the trick and now the dough is far too stiff. Find a different recipe to follow or really scale back on the flour.

  25. Discochip says:

    is baking paper the same as parchment paper? Or can a pie plate be used? It says to cook it on lower heater for ten minutes then use upper heater, that’s confusing, the directions says to cook it at 350*, that sounds right to me. Also, (sorry for so many questions) by “chocolate spread” is that the same as using Nutella? I was under the impression this was a Nutella recipe.

  26. Gaba Banas says:

    @Discochip, you can use both types of paper, using pie plate is up to you, we didn’t use it, so we can’t tell if it’s good or not. The oven should be heated to 350F, but for the first ten minutes just turn off the upper heater, if you can. And yes, the chocolate spread is exactly the same thing as Nutella :) I hope it helps :) but don’t hesitate to ask some more questions if you need to. Cheers!

  27. Katia says:

    I had to add more liquid since the dough was too dry. Also I found it a bit too sweet, I’d add less sugar next time, other than that great recipe.

  28. Gaba Banas says:

    We hope that next time it will be better. We can’t say why sometimes the dough is to dry and sometimes the opposite, it may depends on the type of flour…hard to say. Anyway, we glad you used our recipe! Cheers!

  29. Sophie Webb says:

    the only thing I would say was I had to add a bit more liquid, other than that :D It tasted great

  30. Azalia says:

    Yeah , my dough came out too dry and would not flatten so I did not get to twist it . It was still good , but I was upset . I put the 3 1/2 cups of flour and it looked like a lot more flour than the flour in your video . Please clarify this.

  31. Gaba Banas says:

    Hi @Azalia! If you read all comments, you will see that for some these proportions are perfect for others not…we made our Nutella Star Bread according to these proportions and it turned out great. We feel sorry that you had problem with preparing, we hope that next the next attempt will be successful! Don’t give up! Cheers :)

  32. Anonymous says:

    Azalia^_^i hi, I have the same problem as you..dough too dry..^_^ I add more luke warm milk and knead to a pliable dough..this is because different brand of flour may differ in th level of water absorbing ^_^

  33. Ida Isra says:

    My mom is getting 42 tomorrow and I found that amazing recipe today. It turned out great(I just didn’t eat a piece yet)…Hope she will be surprised;) Thanks for sharing that recipe!

  34. Gaba Banas says:

    Your birthday version turned out amazing! Did you have any issues with proportions? Some people complain about it and we want to check if this is a frequent problem? Cheers!

  35. Laurel says:

    I have to say, your instructions were super complete. My daughter showed this to me at 2:00 in the afternoon and by 6:30 that evening, I had one star braid finished and was teaching it to a group of teenagers. They were so pleased with the simplicity and beauty of it, not to mention it was DELICIOUS!

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