Black Olive Penguins

Funny animal winter snack
When I was searching for interesting Christmas recipes, I found one, and it’s the cutest winter snack I’ve ever seen. Black Olive Penguins look delicious, and it doesn’t take much time to make them. You can put these little creatures on a plate when serving Egg In The Basket - this way you’ll create a perfect breakfast for your kids!

This funny recipe comes from “Allrecipes” website, but it was featured also on “Foodiewithfamily” - a blog run by Rebecca. She presented two versions of these penguins. One is based on three ingredients, and the second has an additional one - green onion, that is used to make penguin scarves.

If you have any idea how to improve this recipe or you gonna make your own, different version, please send the pictures on our fan page!

If you want to see the full tutorial of Black Olive Penguins click here!


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