Bacon Honey Buns

Make this sweet meaty treat!
Whenever I invite my friends to come round I try to prepare something new to surprise them. Generally, I'm in constant search of flavour combinations.

Are you also looking for a snack for a party? Amy from Oh Bite It assures that Bacon Honey Buns are delectable, fluffy, sticky and sweet treats which may satisfy your guests tastes. The combination of fatty savour of bacon and sweetness of honey seem to be tempting. Do you think it will be equally good with a maple syrup? However if you are a bacon fan you can always go for Jalapeno Rolls with Bacon and Sausage, which is a bit more stodgy and it can replace the whole dish.

What snacks do you serve your guests? Don’t hesitate to share the ideas on comments below.

A recipe of Bacon Honey Buns can be found here.





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