Apple Pie Fries

Taste these yummy fries!
You know I’m a devoted cook, I could cook anything you want but in my kitchen I try to find a proper balance between good flavour and healthy ingredients. When I sometimes buy healthy, bio products I’m not satisfied with their flavor as they seem to be too mild. So from time to time I break my restrictions and look for something like Pizza Bacon Balls.

Recently, I’ve found rationally healthy and crispy no potato fries. Amy from Oh, Bite it! always looks for unique kitchen creations so this time she offered Apple Pie Fries. These pretty little, sweet sticks decorated with coarse sugar are my favourite snacks.

If you want a moreish homemade healthy fruit fries try this recipe out. You won’t regret. We’re also waiting for some other tasty ideas, let us know about them on our website.

Check the recipe on Oh Bite It.


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