Apple-Lattice Pies

Bake an apple pie inside an apple and cover it with crunchy crust
It is high time for yummy, autumn desserts full of cinnamon, clove and other spices typical for this time of year. One of my favorite is warm apple pie, but I would have never thought I could actually bake it inside an apple...

French Toast Roll-Ups I wrote about in summer, could also do for a cold autumn snack after adding cloves and cardamom, but this time I would like to show my admiration for Apple-Lattice Pies prepared by "Girl who ate everything" for "Tablespoon".

This easy tutorial is a perfect project for all who hate baking while still in love in preparing homemade food. Just add some filling, roll your crust and cover an apple forming a lattice.

After 15 minutes of clean work in the kitchen, you are almost ready to impress your beloved with this extraordinary pie. Would you share yours below?

Check out the recipe on Tablespoon.

Apple-Lattice Pies