Apple Cider Cups

Prepare this natural drink in only few minutes!
My best friend’s mom always says that, in the first place, you eat with your eyes, next mouth. She means, what is obvious...that the look of the dish is as much important as the taste. In this case both, conditions are fulfilled. Apple Cider Cups are delicious and present very attractively. It’s a perfect for both: cold evenings as a warming up drink, and for hot days, as a cooler, when you serve it a little bit chilled. The recipe was found on a website with a multitude tempting food - “Gimme Some Oven” running by Ali.

You can make it with Home Brew Hard Cider, and use for this the recipe we presented few weeks ago or buy some. In fact, the most important is mixing ingredients and serving in an apple. The final effect is good enough to make you feel thirsty like never before.

If you want to show us your favourite recipes or your version of Apple Cider Cups, don’t wait and send pictures on our fan page, we love to watch results of your creative work!

Follow the link to see the full tutorial of Apple Cider Cups!




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