8 Kitchen Tricks That Will Work in Every Kitchen

Cooking can be a nightmare if you don’t know a few tricks that always work. Dry bread or scattered powdered sugar are not your problem anymore. This trick will bring you back in control.

#1 Powdered sugar decor

To decorate your cake with powdered sugar use a tray cloth. Put it on the cake and sprinkle the powdered sugar through a sieve.


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#2 Champion’s breakfast

Cut the hot-dog sausages in half and then gently cut along the pieces. Skewer with a toothpick and stretch. Then put it on the frying pan to form a star. Inside the star scramble the egg (if you wish so). Cover the pan with a lid and heat for a few minutes. Breakfast ready!


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#3 Dry bread

Have you forgotten to put the bread in the breadbox? Pour some water over the loaf and then leave for 8 minutes in the oven heated up to 160 degrees C. Take it out and the bread will be fresh as if it was just baked.

8 Kitchen Tricks That Will Work in Every Kitchen
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#4 Recycled scoop

We all need to take some flour, breadcrumbs or spices out of their containers. To avoid another mess in the kitchen, use a scalpel and cut out of a bottle handle. Of course remember to wash the bottle very well before. The wider part put in the spice container, take it in, then turn the narrower part down and pour the spice out. Easy.

8 Kitchen Tricks That Will Work in Every Kitchen

#5 Long ice cubes

Would you like to put some ice in a bottle? Or surprise your friends with unusual shape of ice in their drinks? Pour some water into a sealed bag, close it and then put in there some Chinese sticks (don’t take them apart). Secure their ends with rubber bands. Put the bag into the freezer and wait until the water freezes. Take it out, take off the bands and sticks and gently break them apart. Ready!

#6 Remove the apple stalk

With a paper knife remove the top of a syringe, press it into the apple and take out the stalk. Slicing the apple will be much easier now.

8 Kitchen Tricks That Will Work in Every Kitchen

#7 How to quickly separate the mint leaves from the twig

Kitchen tricks will work here, too. Instead of separating leaf by leaf, put the twig on a grater and gently pull. The leaves will stay on the upper part of the grater and you will save lots of time.

#8 Natural jam

You can make your own natural jam in a couple of minutes. Don’t do it with a spoon. A whisker will do much better. Then sieve the pulp and put the thick stuff in a jar. Ideal for sandwiches or pancakes.

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Which trick did you like the most?

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