15 Festive Huts That Will Surprise All The Guests. They Look More Impressive Than Gingerbread Houses

Do you like original Christmas recipes? Do you often surprise your guests with original dishes that you prepare? If you answered yes to both questions, a meat hut is the perfect dish for you. 😉


Salami and Cheese on the Roof

Probably each of us associates it with gingerbread houses, which like to decorate children so much. This year’s Christmas you can go a step further. Next to sweet baking, set up a salty cottage made of cold cuts. To make it you can boldly use your favorite ingredients. Crackers, sticks, pretzels, biscuits will work well.

The most important of these are crispy bread, nuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds. On the roof, however, kabanosas, slices of salami, Parma ham and smoked cheese braids look best. You can combine the whole thing with cream cheese. Of course, do not forget about vegetables. Broccoli rosettes pretend to be trees, greenhouse cucumbers can be used to cut Christmas trees, and cherry tomatoes will successfully play the role of sidewalk tiles.

Have fun and experiment. In the Christmas kitchen you can do it with impunity. 😉

1. The Snowman Guards the Entrance


2. The Path Made of Sliced Salami


3. Cucumber Trees

4. The Chalet’s Elevation Lined With Round Crackers


5. Slices of Salami as Roof Top


6. Rosemary Twigs Can Be Used to Make Christmas Trees


7. The Front of the Chalet Is Elaborately Lined With Almonds


8. Bread Bites for Doors


9.Peperami for Wood Logs


10. Sliced Parma Ham Over The Roof With Dried Fruit as Decor


11. Mini Pretzels as Windows


12. String Cheese in Braids Around The Sides of The House


13. The Skeleton of the Hut Was Made of Crispy Bread


14. Precision Hurdle


15. The Penguins Are Living in This House


You have already made your salty hut? Boast about the effects.

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