13 secret cooking tricks revealed by a master chef!

Each of us should know how cook something. Of course some of us are really good while others simply cook to survive. If you really want to be successful in the kitchen and cook better dishes, it is worth learning a few tricks that will show you a way to cook fast something delicious!

#1 To get rid of the excess of fat in your dish, wrap an ice cube with a kitchen towel and dip it. The fat will stick to the paper.

#2 A bit of dark chocolate dropped into the coffee filter will make this drink tastier.

#3 If you need some really this onion stripes for your salad, all you need is a vegetable peeler.

#4 Do you need to get rid of the onion or garlic smell off your hand? Rub your hands with something metal; believe it or not, some soap- metalowego – istnieją nawet specjalne metalowe shaped bars of metal are already there.

#5 To make your onion stay green longer, put it in a jar with water.

#6 Put some leek into a bread bag to prevent the loaf from going mouldy and stale too fast.

#7 Tomatoes stored in room temperature are much tastier than those kept in a fridge. According to scientists, tomatoes lose their aromatic compounds when kept in low temperatures.

#8 Prevent your apples cut into pieces from going brown by storing them in a bowl with water and a few drops of lemon oil. You can also sprinkle them with lemon juice without keeping them in a bowl with water.

#9 To avoid crying while slicing onion, keep the vegetable for 15 minutes in a fridge, right before cutting.

#10 Adding a pinch of salt onto the pan before frying will stop the food from absorbing too much oil.

#11 If you don’t want your knife to smash the tortilla or cake, use a clean dental floss to cut the food.

#12 To reduce the unpleasant frying smell, put some apple skin onto the frying pan.

#13 If the recipe calls for some oil and then honey or molasses, first take the oil and then the other ingredients. Thanks to that the honey will not stick to the measuring jug.

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