10 Ingenious Tricks That Will Make Christmas Pastries Perfect. It’s So Simple!

Christmas is coming, that’s why today I come with another dose of information that can be very useful, especially right now.

Thanks to them you’ll prepare perfect Christmas pastries in an easy and pleasant way! What more could you want? ?

# 1 Fresh eggs

Step 1, eggs

The basis of a successful baking are fresh products. And since we are talking about them, its good to mention a trick that will make you sure that the eggs are suitable for use.

Just put them in a container with water. If the egg doesn’t go up, it’s a sign that you can use it!

# 2 A paper plate will be useful when working with a mixer

Step 2, paper plates

This kind of protection on the mixer will make the kitchen and your apron remain clean. And what goes after it, preparing cakes will be 100% easier and more pleasant ?

# 3 Dental floss will be useful to cut the cakes

Step 3, cake cutting

You’re baking a tall sponge cake that you want to divide in half? Each time, however, the effect is not satisfactory?

Use dental floss and the whole process will be fabulously simple!

# 4 Storing brown sugar

Step 4, brown sugar

You need this ingredient when baking, but when you open the can it turns out that there is one big lump inside?

It’s easy to solve! All you have to do is add a foam to the container and that’s it!

# 5 How to decorate a cake effectively?

Step 5, decoration

A potato peeler may be useful here. Just use it to divide the chocolate into smaller pieces and the decoration is ready!

# 6 Slicing a cake

Step 6, the knife

You can divide the cake without problems into smaller pieces with a knife that you should moisten with warm water and dry thoroughly. It will go very fast ?

# 7 Egg shell removal

Step 7, egg shell

When working with eggs, be careful with shells that can easily get into the bowl with yolks and egg white.

What should you do when some of the eggshell gets inside? Just remove it with the help of the remaining shell.

# 8 The perfect place to grow a cake
Step 8, oven

You can’t find a warm place where the cake could easily double its size? Put it in a slightly preheated oven and the trouble is gone!

# 9 Perfect biscuits

Step9, biscuits

When preparing gingerbreads, before you start the whole process, grate the butter on a grater. And that’s all!

# 10 Cutting out cookies

Step 10, form

Before cutting, immerse the baking mold in flour. This will definitely facilitate the whole process of preparing delicious cookies!

Let me know what you think about today’s tricks!