Confectioner Creates Cakes So Beautiful That Museums around the World Want Them in Their Exhibitions

    Confectioner Creates Cakes So Beautiful That Museums around the World Want Them in Their Exhibitions

    Confectioner Creates Cakes So Beautiful That Museums around the World Want Them in Their Exhibitions
    3:29 PM EDT, April 25, 2021

    Each of us should have some passion in life. Some love to run, others take photos, and still others create fairy-tale castles. Russian artist and confectioner Renat Agmazov creates his cakes in an unusual way. Each cake looks like a brilliant sculpture, making the world's museums want his creations to be on temporary and permanent exhibitions.

    Here is a gallery of his most beautiful cakes!

    #1 Aurora Borealis


    With this cake, the cake maker wanted to showcase colors reminiscent of the aurora borealis, which is why he named his creation "Aurora Borealis". The cake is completely edible.

    #2 Castle


    It's hard to imagine, but this cake is made up of 19,600 separate parts connected together. It also has 712 windows and 9,000 sweet flowers that consist of 126,000 petals!

    #3 Crystals


    This elegant cake looks like a chandelier, with hanging crystals. In fact, the decorations were made of caramel, but they look really stunning!

    #4 Morocco


    Every detail of this cake is brilliant: figures are made of chocolate, arches, columns, flowers and original ornament too. Moroccan style is presented not only because of the oriental figures, but also by the bright colors. The cake as a whole is 173 cm high.

    #5 Castle


    This cake is amazing because of the complexity of each floor, and the lighting emphasizes the scale of the whole masterpiece.

    #6 Fountain


    When I look at this cake, I find it hard to believe that every part of it is actually edible! The water and figures are made of caramel and chocolate, and the whole "cake sculpture" is over 2 meters high!

    #7 Magic Apples


    Each huge apple that is in this cake is made of caramel, but the same technique was used to create them as the Venetian glass. The entire sweet treat is 228 cm tall.

    #8 Dancing Swans


    The most beautiful part of this cake are the swans, which of course are edible. They were made of caramel and covered with edible gold! Plus, it's worth mentioning that the swans in this cake actually dance!

    #9 Flying Butterflies

    #10 Giant


    This colossus is almost 5 meters high, but still looks very light. Decorations were made of caramel, which makes the whole thing look delicate and elegant.

    #11 Chess


    For chess lovers, there will also be a cake that is perfect!

    #12 Castle

    This cake is a real masterpiece: it weighs 4 tons, is almost 7 meters long and 3,5 meters high. Take a good look and see what is happening in the windows of this castle!

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