Do You Take Complimentary Hotel Soaps with You When you Check Out? Here's What Hotel Staff Think's of it

    Do You Take Complimentary Hotel Soaps with You When you Check Out? Here's What Hotel Staff Think's of it

    12:48 AM EDT, July 25, 2021, updated: 12:17 PM EDT, July 29, 2021

    There is no fooling ourselves, each of us being in a hotel, when checking out we take the hotel soap with us. Actually, what is wrong with that? After all, it was made for guests anyway, and it's not always the case that you can find cucumber and mint soap with avocado and shea butter in the store, and all this is still in a cute, compact package.

    Shampoos, body oils, soaps, towels, bathrobes - everything is waiting in your hotel room, but are you sure you can take everything?


    Hotels expect that guests will want to take some free utensils with them, i.e. soap. However, there are some limits on what you can actually take from the hotel. According to Travel + Leisure magazine, many hotels don't mind if you take a few trinkets with you, but there are some things you're better off mastering and leaving in your hotel room.

    Let's Begin with the Bathroom

    Hotel employees don't get angry when you take small bottles of shampoo or soaps with you. In some hotels, you may even find a note that encourages you to take them with you. Bathroom paraphernalia often acts as an advertisement - after all, by taking soap with a company's logo to your home, you'll remember fond memories associated with the hotel longer, and perhaps you'll stay in the same place next time, too.

    The Room & the Reception

    If you take a notebook or pen with you, that's fine too. After all, they are meant to be used, and by holding a pen with the hotel's logo on it, outside its walls, you further become free advertising for the hotel in question.

    What's not to Bring?


    It is not appropriate to take hotel towels or bathrobes from the room. There have been cases where some people have taken a sheet or comforter with them! Annually, it is estimated that hotels are robbed of items worth $100 million. Some hotels have taken the high road and are adding mini chips to bedding.


    It's also better not to try to take a hair dryer, coffee maker, TV or mini fridge with you. Although rare, there have been cases where people have tried to steal chandeliers or marble pieces of furniture from the hotel! Hopefully, most of you know that such items should stay where they are, however, if any of you think that taking the hair dryer won't be a problem and manage to bring the equipment in a suitcase, you can be sure that eventually you'll be accounted for it.


    Hotels do not always call the police, but they can take money from your credit card, so consider whether you really want to take out your hair dryer or TV remote control (which probably won't work in your room anyway) and be considered a thief. To protect themselves against theft, some hotels put equipment on hooks, so that they can not be taken out of the room and put the already mentioned chips.

    While you are away, remember that taking a shampoo bottle or a pen is nothing dangerous, but appropriating a towel or a hair dryer can have serious consequences!

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