Top 21 Amazing Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here are the most festive gift wrap ideas in DIY style.
We think that wrapping gifts yourself is half the fun of giving them, so if you passed through the DIY gifts collection and had fun during it, it’s the perfect time to pack them too!

We've put together the perfect and creative gift wrapping ideas for every style, whether you're crafty and handmade enthusiast or prefer elegant and easy way of wrapping. Perhaps you want something vintage and sweet for you kiddos or love modern holiday trappings? We've got those too, all in one place. We guarantee packing joy and lots of tips, clever ideas and advices on how to wade through countless number of packing possibilities.

Go crazy and find your wrapping DIY style! Pick different colors, structures, patterns, materials and have fun!

Happy wrapping dear Handimaniacs!

Square Pillow Gift Box

Our perfect little box with a cute pom pom on the top. gift1 Source: Handimania

Roller Printing Gift Paper

Roll until you create wood. gift2 Souce: Handmade Charlotte

Paper Cup Apple Gift Wrap

Wrapping something special for the Apple of your eye! gift3 Source: Willow Day

Gingerbread Box & Mason Jars

Happy baking! gift4 Source: RecipeTin Eats

Button-Up Shirt Giftwrap

Take an old button-up shirt and turn it into the most festive gift wrap with a masculine flair! gift5 Source: Sweet Paul

House Gift Box

knock! knock! Who’s there? gift6 Source: Design Mom

Paper Poinsettia From a Cocktail Napkin

Will you make it in 30 seconds? Of course! gift7 Source: Lia Griffith

Geometric Heart

All the love in one little box. gift8 Source: Minieco

Felt Box

Reuse it after Christmas. gift9 Source: Como Fazer em Casa

Sweater Sleeve Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Packing bottles won’t be a problem anymore! gift10 Source: That’s what {Che}said

DIY Tissue Pom Poms

Pom Pom love. gift11 Source: Lia Griffith

Embroidered Wrapping Paper

Be careful to not ruffle your paper. gift12 Source: A Little Empty Room

Nautical Knot Gift Wrapping Ideas

To tie the knot is a beautiful thing and will give your gifts a simple handmade touch. gift13 Source: OH HAPPY DAY

DIY Christmas Mouse Gift Wrap

Make an entire family of mice to put under the tree and watch children’s faces light up when you ask them who stole the cheese! gift14 Source: Handmade Charlotte

Knotted Fabric Wrapped Favor Boxes

Something different, something beautiful. gift15 Source: julep

Heart Shaped Wrapping Paper

Show love to everyone this Christmas. gift16 Source: The House That Lars Built

Gift Topper Ideas

Which one will you make? One or maybe five of them? gift17 Source: The House That Lars Built

Hand Printed Fabric Gift Wrap

Handmade from the beginning to the end. gift18 Source: Unruly Tthings

Paper Gift Bag

Don’t buy! Make it! gift19 Source: Handimania

Cupcake-Paper Carnations

Baking liners make sweet gift toppers. gift20 Source: Martha Stewart

Paper Straw Snowflakes

Let the holiday decorating begin . . . gift21 Source: Centsational Girl

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