Be Sure to Put a Coin in the Freezer Before Going on Vacation. This Will Help You Avoid Food Poisoning

    Be Sure to Put a Coin in the Freezer Before Going on Vacation. This Will Help You Avoid Food Poisoning

    4:54 PM EDT, June 11, 2024

    When you go on a short vacation, it is not usual to leave some food in the freezer. When you return from vacation, then you're faced with a ritual of sniffing and tasing, has this gone off already?


    Smart Freezing

    There is a simple way to see if food left in the freezer has spoiled. While you're away from home, you may never know if there have been power blackouts. And such outages are dangerous for food, as you should not re-freeze food that has already softened once after freezing. Those foods lose flavor, change their texture and can lead to food poisoning.


    The Trick of the Coin

    So how do you know if food stored in the freezer is still edible? Fill a cup with water, put it in the freezer and wait until the water changes its state to solid. Then place a coin on the ice. When you return from vacation, check where the coin is still at the top.



    1. Coin on top of cup: there was no power blackout and the food is fit to eat.
    2. Coin halfway down the cup: the food is still edible, but needs to be processed fairly quickly.
    3. Coin at the bottom of the cup: the food has been completely thawed and is no longer eatable .

    Let us know if this trick helped you ? and if you know any better, share with us!

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