Coca-Cola Is Launching Tests of the First Bottle Made of... Paper. Its Functionality Is to Be Evaluated by Hungarians

    Coca-Cola Is Launching Tests of the First Bottle Made of... Paper. Its Functionality Is to Be Evaluated by Hungarians

    5:30 PM EST, March 6, 2021

    One of the largest fizzy drinks manufacturers is carrying out tests of eco-friendly bottles. They are soon to reach the first customers.

    An ecological Coca-Cola bottle


    It was last year when we first heard about the paper Coke bottle. The company has just released the functional prototype. Although it still has a thin layer of plastic, it's mostly made of paper. The cap and the most inner part of the bottle are made of plastic. In fact, Coca-Cola's objective is to develop packaging that is 100% recyclable. They will be used to store not only drinks, but also cosmetics.

    The research has been done by Paboco, a Dannish company specializing if eco-friendly packaging


    In the second quarter of 2021 the first 2000 bottles are to reach the customers. The bottle will be tested by Hunbgarians and they will contain a drink called Adez. The company promises that by 2030 it will have completely removed non-recyclable materials and it will rely solely on the recyclable ones. Many other major corporations have got similar goals.

    The company has released a video summing up the works on the prototype.

    Do you think this solution will catch on?

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