13 Surprising Ways to Make Old Objects Look New Again

We all love having new things. No matter if it’s a pair of pants or a chopping board. Anything new always puts a smile upon our faces. Unfortunately, things wear out and lose their original look. Luckily for you, we have found some secret tricks that will help you revive at least a couple of everyday items. There are 13 of them!

#1 Pans and pots bottoms

If you want the dishes to look new again, you need to use baking soda and white vinegar. Put the pot or pan into the sink and apply baking soda on its bottom. Spread it all over and then add vinegar. After a few minutes wipe it with a sponge.

#2 Chopping board

To clean a chopping board you need a mixture of lemon and salt. Plastic boards will look factory new again! If you want to revive a wooden board, then take a half of a lemon, sprinkle some salt on it and rub the board. It will work best if you squeeze some juice out first. Then wash the mixture away with warm water.


#3 Scratched plates

Thanks to dedicated porcelain polishing agents, you can make them shine like crystals again.


#4 Carpet stains

There is a mixture that can handle even very stubborn carpet staining. Mix a unit of white vinegar with two units of water. Mix that in a spray bottle and apply on the stain and cover it with a moist cloth. Then switch on an iron and set the steam mode. Hold it over the stain for 30 seconds. The stains should be gone for good.


#5 Baking trays


If you want to remove the burnt grease from your baking trays, you have got to prepare a paste of soda and peroxide. Then spread the paste on the tray and leave it there for 30 minutes. Finally rinse it with water.


#6 Cast-iron frying pan

This time the things-we-need list includes a disinfectant, rubber gloves, a garbage bag and white vinegar.
Spread a thick layer of the disinfectant on the pan, put the dish onto the rubbish bag and do it up. Make sure that the disinfectant won’t go dry. Leave the pan for a day or two there and then wash the disinfectant away. Repeat t he whole procedure, this time leaving the pan in the bag for a day only. Then wash the dirt off with hot water and immerse the pan in 1:1 mixture of warm water and white vinegar. Leave it there for an hour and then wipe it dry with a cloth. Wait until the pan gets cool. Then put it into the oven set for 250° Centigrade. After you take it out, pour olive oil onto it. The hot pan will absorb a sufficient amount of oil – the rest can be wiped off with a dry cloth. Once again put the pan into the oven, this time upside down. Take it out after 15 minutes and wipe it with a cloth. Repeat the oven procedure 2 or 3 times.


#7 White sneakers

If you want your white sneakers to keep their colors, you need to take good care of them. Make a mixture of a teaspoonful of washing-up liquid, 3 spoonful of peroxide and 2 teaspoonful of baking soda. Clean your sneakers with the paste first and then wash them in the washing machine.


#8 Tiles and grouts

A unit of water and a unit of bleach will clean your bathroom. Remember to keep the windows open while you are cleaning and afterwards, too.

#9 Leather furniture

With a cotton pad rub some olive oil or baby oil into the scratches. Leave it there to dry for about an hour. If the scratch is still visible, repeat it.


#10 Furniture with microfiber upholstery

Such furniture calls for special cleaning methods. Use a white sponge and some alcohol to get rid of stains. Apply some alcohol onto the stain with a sponge and let it dry. Then clean the spot with a brush.


#11 Leather bags

You can wipe them with moist tissues or a half of a potato.


#12 Toothbrushes


If you don’t want to get rid of your old toothbrush, just put its head in hot water. Then stir the water with the brush.


#13 Towels

To make your towels soft and fluffy again, wash dump towels in salty water.

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