Snow and Frost Make Perfect Conditions to Take Your Fluffy Toys and Carpets Outside. Make Your House a Healthier Place to Live!

Hoovering is not enough. This is not how you can remove all the dust and dirt from your carpets. Take advantage of the winter scenery and take your carpets outside. That’s what our grandmothers would normally do at this time of the year!

Frost treatment

Winter time is a perfect opportunity to beat the dust out of your carpets. Frost kills mites, bacteria and neutralizes all unpleasant smells. Snow works like a sponge that absorbs sand and dust accumulated in carpet.

How to beat the dust out on snow

In the first place it has to be a freezing day, with the temperature below 0 degrees C. The snow can’t be wet as this will make the carpet absorb too much water and it will be difficult to dry it.
Lay the carpet on the snow with its top downwards and beat it well. This simple procedure will make all the dirt fall out and get absorbed by the snow. The carpet will look much fresher, its colors will be more vivid and some wrinkles will disappear, too.

No chemicals

It goes without saying that winter carpet-beating is completely eco-friendly and very economical. You don’t need to use any chemical agents to get rid of mud, sand, dust and all the microorganisms dwelling there.

Frost good for bedlinen

Frost is a perfect opportunity to air your bedlinen, blankets, pillows or even fluffy toys your kids play with. Hang them somewhere outside and leave them there for a few hours. That will be enough to exterminate some of the microorganisms.

Have you ever cleaned your carpet like that?

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