Don’t Buy These Household Cleaners Again. You Will Save Money

Probably each of us hides in the cabinet under the sink a whole army of cleaning products. However, do we need them all? Find out which home cleaning products are actually necessary and stop spending money unnecessarily on more specifics

Cleaning products you should remove from your cabinets

Unless you have real wood floors and other natural stone surfaces, you don’t need most of the specialized products.

#1 Glass Cleaning Products

It turns out that there is no point in buying special products for cleaning mirrors, glass and glass. For this purpose, vinegar diluted with water is best suited. There is nothing better and more environmentally friendly.

Don’t Buy These Household Cleaners Again. You Will Save Money
Kelly Sikkema@kellysikkema

#2 Household Cleaners Designed for Specific Things

There are plenty of products on the market dedicated to specific areas of the house. Manufacturers recommend cleaning the refrigerator with a different specific, and the sink with yet another. Meanwhile, all you need to comprehensively clean your home is oven cleaner, dish liquid, vinegar, hot water and a microfiber cloth.

In contrast, the only surfaces that actually need to be cleaned with dedicated products are wood and natural stone.

#3 Overdue Baking Soda

This product is irreplaceable when cleaning. However, it must not be overdue or left in an unsealed, open container. You need to know that baking soda quickly absorbs odors from outside and then loses its properties.

#4 Products Advertising Themselves as Natural

Beware of all specifics that have natural written on the package. Be sure to study their composition and see if there is no ammonia or petroleum derivatives. A recycled bottle is not everything.

Don’t Buy These Household Cleaners Again. You Will Save Money

#5 Used Sponges and Cloths

The most important thing when cleaning is good equipment. Therefore, sponges or cloths should not be used for too long. Remember to disinfect and wash them regularly. If they start to smell bad, throw them out right away.

#6 Floor Cleaning Liquids

These remedies have no magic formulas in them and are mostly a good marketing product. For cleaning floors, ordinary gray soap and water will work best. The only exceptions are floors made of solid wood and natural stone. For their care, use dedicated specifics.

Don’t Buy These Household Cleaners Again. You Will Save Money
Pille R. Priske@pillepriske

#7 Air Fresheners

Most of them are not natural and can cause health problems. More importantly, the best air fresheners are soy scented candles, natural incense or essential oils.