Dust at Home – How Can We Get Rid of It?

You are doing your best to make your house a nice and clean place to live but no matter how hard you work, the dust is everywhere. And there is no way you can get rid of it. You find it literally everywhere, especially in the spots that are not easy to access. Of course the more frequently you do it, the less dusty the place gets. But is there a way to eliminate dust once and for all without going crazy about everyday cleaning chores?

Where does dust come from?

Dust at Home – How Can We Get Rid of It?

First we need to explain what dust actually is and where it comes from. It is nothing but tiny pieces of dirt getting inside through doors and windows from the outside. That also means everything you bring home on your footwear, clothes or even skin. Each house has got dust consisting of specific ‘elements’ that jointly form a particular environment, frequently causing a number of allergies. In most cases dust consists of pieces of hair, scurf, pets’ hair. Excrements and eggs of insects, bacteria and fungus spores. Dust also contains tiny pieces of sand, soil and other substances brought from the outside by the wind. Once it is inside, it sits on the floor, furniture and table tops.

Dust at home – how can we get rid of it?

Dust at Home – How Can We Get Rid of It?

Now that we know what dust really is and where it comes from, we can’t help but conclude that getting rid of it once and for all is impossible. However, there are ways to prevent from excessive accumulation of dust. In the first place it is about appropriate ways of cleaning and the right tools to do it.

Dusting – the quick ways

Dust at Home – How Can We Get Rid of It?

It goes without saying that the longer you want your house to stay dust-free, the more frequently you have to clean. Secondly, whenever you do the dusting, always start with top surfaces and finish doing the floor hoovering. Never do it the other way round as some of the dust removed from lower places will ascend to sit later on surfaces already cleaned.
To do the dusting, use special clothes that collect the dust and don’t let it float in the air. Make sure you clean you replace the dust bag in your hoover on regular basis, cleaning the appliance inside, too. It is recommended to buy a model that is equipped with a filtering system so that as little dust as possible gets out of the hoover.

Vinegar against dust

Dust can be removed using a mixture of white vinegar and water. Such solution works with almost every kind of surface. As vinegar has got some disinfecting properties, apart from removing dust it also eliminates some microorganisms.

Gloves and special clothes

These could be used for special surfaces, like lamps or chandeliers. Soft cloth gloves or clothes do not let the dust come off the surface and float – instead they effectively collect it.

Microfiber clothes

As for cleaning computer screens or TVs, they are perfect. There is one thing you need to remember here – do not use any cleaning agents on these devices!

Air purifiers vs. dust – let’s talk about dust absorbers!

Dust at Home – How Can We Get Rid of It?

There are many dust absorbers on the market that will help you remove lots of dust form the air you breathe at home. Normally air purifiers make us think of humidity, pollen, allergic reactions and smog. However, some models are also capable of picking up tiny dust particles or pets’ hair!
Of course bear in mind the fact that there are no purifiers that can pick up the dust which has already sat on your furniture. You have got to do it yourself!
Anyway, if you are allergic to dust, a good air purifier is an option you have to consider as it is bound to handle the dust floating in the air.