8 Items That Must Not Be Put into the Dishwasher

Everyone who has got a numerous family, hates washing up. That is why dishwashers are indispensable. In less than an hour all the pots and plates get cleaned while you can relax. Or do other household chores…

However, as you probably know, you can’t put everything into the dishwasher. While it is true that this device can disinfect your baby’s toys or even wash your son’s favourite baseball cap, other items can be completely destroyed if washed there. These are 8 examples of objects that should never end up in the dishwasher.

#1 Aluminium dishes

If you want your aluminium pots and pans to look good, you’d better keep them away from the dishwasher as they might lose their original colour. To make it even worse, as a result of a chemical reaction, a nasty residue might appear on their surface.

#2 Wooden boards and cutlery


Chemicals and high temperature inside the dishwasher may deform wooden kitchen utensils. They might lose their smooth finishing, too.

#3 China and porcelain


Some of these items, often passed down from generation to generation, are priceless. Therefore I wouldn’t risk washing them mechanically. High temperature and capsule chemicals could cause serious damage to the surface of the cups and saucers. They might crack or even break. Delicate ornaments might come off, too.

#4 Jars with labels


If you want to scour the jars or pasteurise their contents, do not use jars with labels glued on them. Exposure to heat and large amount of water might come off and clog the dishwasher filter which will result in huge costs of repair.

#5’ Masterchef’ knives

If your dishwasher doesn’t have a separate stand for the knives, do not put them inside. A dishwasher is a fantastic device but it may damage the blades, handles and colours of your expensive knives. Especially in case of those made of carbon steel or those with wooden handles – the water jet inside the dishwasher might make the blade crack or damage the handle.

#6 Cast iron frying pans

Cast iron frying pans are some of the best kitchen dishes. Again, they are also one of those which are really sensitive to dishwashers. Especially their coating. The best way to clean a cast iron pan is to wash it with warm water and scrub gently using salt.

#7 Copper dishes


Just like cast iron and aluminium dishes, those made of copper must not be washed in a dishwasher. That could ruin the shiny surface – be that mugs or other copper-made items.

#8 Flusks

If you want your flask to work well, keep them far away from the dishwasher. It could ruin the insulation layer and the drinks will quickly go colder.

Finally, we must remember about all dishes with non-stick coating. The non-stick property is gradually lost with every single cycle of washing.
Always check the marking on the pots and other dishes. If there is no sign they can be washed in a dishwasher, you’d better do it the old school way.

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