Frozen Dish Liquid Saves a Lot of Time When Cleaning Up

    Frozen Dish Liquid Saves a Lot of Time When Cleaning Up

    Frozen Dish Liquid Saves a Lot of Time When Cleaning Up
    5:33 PM EDT, August 8, 2022, updated: 12:25 PM EDT, August 18, 2022

    Cleaning the oven is one of the most hated tasks when cleaning. Charred food residue and grease effectively coat the griddle, baking trays and oven walls. In particular, cleaning the griddle is extremely tedious. How to clean the oven griddle without nerves and scrubbing? There is a simple way with dishwashing liquid.

    How to clean the grill from the oven without nerves and scrubbing? Frozen dishwashing liquid will be indispensable

    Forceful scrubbing can damage parts of the oven. Often baking trays and grills are factory-coated with special paints that reduce sticking. Scrubbing with a sponge or a wire brush can scratch them and weaken their function. That's why this trick with dish liquid is invaluable!


    Just take a silicone ice mold and pour dishwashing liquid into it.

    Then, put the mold in the freezer overnight. The dishwashing liquid must freeze to hold the shape of the cube.


    When the previously frozen liquid begins to slowly dissolve, it effectively removes grease and dried food residue that ordinary liquid would not handle. All this without unnecessary scrubbing and the use of sponges or wire brushes.


    The cubes will also cope with washing the tops and the inner part. Then just wipe them with a wet cloth to thoroughly wash the liquid off the surface of the oven.


    Freezing dish liquid - video instructions:

    Rinse the griddle in the shower or bath.

    Washing an oven griddle is inconvenienced by its size. Washing it in a small sink often ends up with a small flood in the kitchen. Therefore, washing it is better to move it to the bathroom. There is much more space in the bathtub or shower tray.

    The melting liquid cube will be easier to rinse off than to wash off the kitchen countertop.

    Cut the sponge so that it is easier to wash the grate.

    If you prefer to wash the grate with a sponge, here's a simple patent that will make the task easier. Simply cut a disposable sponge into a grid. This can be done with an upholstery knife.


    Thus cut sponge will reach the smallest corners of the grate and clean it from all sides. Without unnecessary scrubbing, all the dirt will come off.

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