A Mum Knows What to Do to Keep the Car Clean When Kids Come Back after Soccer Practice

    A Mum Knows What to Do to Keep the Car Clean When Kids Come Back after Soccer Practice

    4:19 PM EST, February 24, 2022

    All drivers know how difficult it is to keep our vehicles neat and tidy. And we all know how difficult it is when it's kids who gets in.

    Muddy shoes


    Emily Norris is a full-time mother. She has got three sons who play soccer. After each practice they just jump into the car and completely don’t care about how much dirt they bring along on their footwear. As a result, the mats are constantly muddy.

    The caddy trick

    To prevent herself from the never-ending cleaning chore she came up with an idea. One day she bought a cleaning caddy with two chambers and a handle. Normally she uses them to store some cleaning agents. One day she just put them into the car and went to the soccer pitch.

    Feet into the caddy

    Kids getting into the car put their muddy shoes into the caddy and this is how the mats stay clean. Tidying the car later on takes much less time of course. Thanks to this simple trick parents might save plenty of time.

    Have you got any similar life hacks?
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