19 Unusual Ideas for Christmas Decoration and Food

Christmas is a very inspiring time. This is when most people’s creativity reaches its peak. Some people decorate chair legs for Christmas or make a nativity scene out of masks, while others proceed to decorate the toilet. December days are special!

#1 Healthy Christmas Food

#2 My Aunt Has Two Daughters, but Only One Is Her Favorite

#3 Not Everyone Feels the Holiday Spirit

#4 A Pandemic-Inspired Nativity Scene

#5 With a Piece of Cardboard You Can Forget About Nervously Untangling Lights

#6 When You Don’t Have a Ladder but Need to Hang Lights on Your Big Tree

#7 These Gifts Are Hiding Something Totally Different Than You Think

#8 A Rather Disturbing Ornament That Can Cause Nightmare Dreams

#9 From the Series: The Ugliest Christmas Sweater

#10 The Family Member Who’s Happiest With a Christmas Tree

#11 Christmas Spirit Has Even Entered the Toilet

#12 When You Want to Bake Christmas Donuts, but Decorating Is Not Your Strong Suit

#13 Paper in the Place of Honor

#14 When You Love Christmas So Much That You See Christmas Trees Everywhere

#15 Gingerbread Men Suffering From Vitiligo

#16 This Ornament Will Put Everyone in the Holiday Spirit

#17 Counting Down to Christmas

#18 The Chair Got Its Shoes Stolen From the Elves

#19 A Christmas Seat

How do you decorate at home?

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