Mistletoe – A Popular Christmas Decoration With Superpowers That Only a Few of Us Have Heard Of

You will find it in many houses in the Christmas period. The tradition to decorate our interior with this plant has been here for a quite a long time, which comes as no surprise bearing in mind how great the plant looks.

Warrior’s lucky charm


The mistletoe is a hemi-parasite which clings onto some species of trees. This is where it takes water and nutrients from. The plant, since ancient times, has been appreciated thanks to its alleged magical powers. It was believed to protect people against magical spells or evil powers. Warriors would treat mistletoe as a lucky charm that would keep them safe during battles. The plant was also believed to ensure fertility, perhaps because its juice resembles sperm.

Kissing under mistletoe

Mistletoe is an evergreen plant and can grow up to 40 years. Hanging under the ceiling it looks beautiful and this is what makes it a common Christmas decoration. According to one superstition, two people standing under a mistletoe should kiss. If they do it, they will have a lucky and prosperous life.

Curing insomnia

The mistletoe is not only a lucky charm and Christmas decoration, though. Its fresh leaves and branches have got certain medical properties. In 1920s they were found to have some anti-cancer properties. Moreover, the mistletoe extract improves our immune system, helps to cure insomnia and reduces the pain caused by cancer.

Soothing pain


The mistletoe also improves our blood circulation system. It minimizes the feeling of stiff legs and helps to deal with high blood pressure. It also soothes the menstruation pains and the mistletoe infusion calms down and reduces stress and anxiety.

As you can see, the mistletoe is not only a popular Christmas decoration but also a remedy for a lot of medical conditions. According to a recent research, it is also effective in boosting insulin production and is likely to find some application in treatment of diabetes.

Do you use mistletoe as Christmas decoration?

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