17 Unusual Last-Minute Christmas Tree Ideas. There’s Still Plenty of Time to Do It!

A couple of days that’s enough time to create some Christmas decoration. All that you need is easily-accessible materials, an interesting idea and a simple way to do it yourself. Today we’ve got some simple last-minute Christmas tree ideas for you!

#1 Pinecones glued to a cone-shaped piece of cardboard will form a nice solid tree

#2 Subtle decoration made of sheet music paper. Not only for musicians!

#3 Pile up books by a wall, add some garlands and/ or lights and the tree is ready!

#4 An instant spruce forest!

#5 Small decorations made of sticks, perfect to hang on a Christmas tree

#6 A very original tree made of sticks tied to each other. You can hang some glass balls and lights there, too

#7 Round pieces of cloth on a vertical stick

#8 A cardboard cone wrapped with yarn or covered with pieces of wool or felt

#9 A snake-like tree of wire and beads

#10 Pots turned into Christmas bells

#11 A Christmas tree made of garlands and lights attached to the wall

#12 Ornaments made of colorful bands and beads

#13 Cardboard cones wrapped with paper bands or some sequined material. Red forest looks really magical!

#14 I bet we all made Christmas trees of pasta at school

#15 Rustic and eco-friendly

#16 A collage of letters and postcards attached to the wall. Photographs might be used instead just as well

#17 A Christmas tree with cinnamon stick as a trunk

Which tree did you like the most?

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