17 Beautiful Ideas for Christmas Table Decorations. You Can Do It Yourself!

Christmas table … Everyone gathers around it to enjoy the most important family holiday of the year. Make it special, like this Christmas. Ideas for decorating you’ll find below.

# 1 Christmas lights

Its an easy and very effective way to decorate the table. Lamps can be spread out on the table and hidden with green spruce, and in case of a glass table simply mount them under it.

Christmas decorations 1

# 2 Silverware in a sock

Who doesn’t know Santa’s socks? Their smaller version will be useful to arrange silverware on the Christmas table. You can also use Santa’s hats!

Christmas decorations 2

# 3 Decorative candlesticks

Glass goblets, vases and water with submerged rowan fruit and green leaves, e.g. a mistletoe … A small candle floating on the surface …

Christmas decorations 3

# 4 A decoration made of baubles

Christmas baubles don’t have to just hang on the Christmas tree! They look beautiful in a glass container interspersed with christmas lights.

Christmas decorations 4

# 5 Vignettes

If you use cards with guest names at the table, you can also use baubles for this!

Christmas decorations 5

# 6 Vignettes with Santa’s hats

They look cute, right? Under the hats you can hide a small gift for guests.

Christmas decortions 6

# 7 Snowman tableware

We associate winter with snow and a snowman. See how to make a snowman family on the table with two plates and napkins.

Christmas decorations 7

# 8 Candlesticks

Candles and baubles can also be wonderfully combined into an inspirational Christmas decoration. Big glasses are enough and it’s ready!

Christmas decorations 8

# 9 Christmas tree napkin

Get green napkins and see how easily you can make a Christmas trees out of them.

Christmas decorations 9

# 10 Lollipops Christmas sticks

With them you can conjure up a sweet stands for vignettes.

Christmas decorations 10

# 11 Christmas bouquet

Instead of flowers – spruce – decorated with baubles and ribbons!

Christmas decorations 10

# 12 Ho Ho Ho …

Lollipops sticks, Santa hats and some cotton wool. That’s an idea!

Christmas decorations 12

# 13 Paper Christmas trees

Skewer sticks and a Christmas tree-shaped card folded like a harmonica …

Christmas decorations 13

# 14 Christmas tree curlpapers

Play a little with curlpapers and create these Christmas trees!

Christmas decorations 14

# 15 Cones

Cones are an inseparable element of Christmas decorations. They can be used in many ways. Here is one of them.

Christmas decorations 15

# 16 Felt Christmas trees

Instead of a napkin ring, use felt Christmas trees. You can easily make them yourself.

Christmas decorations 16

# 17 Original candles

When you don’t have enough time and ideas, put ready Christmas decorations on the table, e.g. candles.

Christmas decorations 17