16 Horrible Christmas Sweaters You Would Never Put On!

Although Christmas sweaters look the way they do, there are people who just love them. Still, not all of them are courageous enough to put them on, not to mention taking selfies and publishing them.
The collection below contains those who did it. And I bet they already regret it.

#1 Some of them have got horn-sleeves

#2 A perfect Christmas-tree disguise

#3 I guess Spock wouldn’t be happy about it

#4 What a match!

#5 Just wondering whether it’s got a plug

#6 Fluffy!

#7 When a sweater turns into a dress

#8 Crying for help

#9 Is this a lamp or a leg?

#10 A poor Shiba

#11 This one has got it all!

#12 Just take a look at the gifts at the bottom

#13 ‘Will you unwrap me?’

#14 Black-metal Christmas tree

#15 Thank God it didn’t go any lower

#16 A warning not to overeat at Christmas

Is there even one you liked a little?

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