20 Glittering Christmas Decorations Sealed in a Jar

Are you good at crafts? Do you enjoy preparing any kind of decorations yourself? Christmas is nothing but a great opportunity to prove your worth!

Any decorations consisting of a jar look so spectacular. A pinch of glitter, plastic flowers, Christmas characters and ribbons will quickly turn them into some original and atmospheric decorations.


Step by step

#1 Glue a small artificial tree to the inside of the lid and wait till it cures.
#2 Pour distilled water into the jar, add a bit of glycerin and glitter. Mix it all.
#3 Put in the tree, turn the lid and turn the jar upside down.

Doesn’t the snow look magical?

Instead of the tree, you can also put :

#1 A snowman

#2 Cars, animals or pinecones

#3 Pictures of family or friends

#4 Artificial plants or genuine ones

#5 Kids would love to see some famous cartoon characters there


Your kitchen will look much more ‘festive’ if you decorate the jar containing spices or ingredients.

#1 Pour some sugar, salt or rice into a huge jar. On the surface put some plastic or wooden figures

#2 Even a common salt shaker can be turned into a nice Christmas gadget. Just put inside some tiny Christmas trees, add a ribbon and that’s it!

#3 A sugar bowl can be easily (and cheaply) converted into an elegant decoration

#4 A jar of coarse salt with a bus carrying a Christmas tree, lying on the table


The walls of the jar can also be decorated. You can paint it a desired color and cover with salt mixed with glitter. Finally, attach the Christmas ornaments.

#1 Jar completely covered with salt and decorated with pine cones, mountain ash and green twigs

#2 A white jar with a transparent Christmas-tree

#3 Put a candle into a glittered jar to make a wonderful lantern

#4 Jars, no matter their size, can also be covered with pieces of old newspapers or carol chords

#5 Colorful lanterns filled with sugar

#6 A painted and decorated jar as a vase


Perhaps the easiest way to decorate the jars is putting some light inside. By night they will create a magical atmosphere.

#1 Pour some salt, sugar or decorative sand onto the bottom and put the lights in

#2 The lights together with a Christmas doll

#3 A jar filled with pinecones and a subtle light chain

Which jar did you like the most? Let us know.

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