Do You Wear Beard, Therefore Every Holiday Automatically Pretend to Be Santa? Become a Christmas Tree Instead!

If you are wearing your beard proudly, you have surely been encouraged by someone into the role of Father Christmas. We offer you an alternative – become a Christmas tree! It turns out that the beard is perfect for attaching the appropriate decorations.

#1 in 2016, A Restaurant Around East Village Area in London, Provided an Interesting Service. It Allowed Bearders to Turn Their Boring Beard Into a Christmas Tree!


#2 The Trend Has Proven to Be Extremely Popular Around the World, Many Men Show Off Their Christmas Beards Online Every Year


#3 Some Are Extremely Creative About Their Beards!


#4 Others, on the Other Hand, Are Not So Crazy and Prefer Simpler Classic Styles


#5 There Are Also Special Light Bands on Sale That Aren’t Dangerous to Wear & Fit Perfectly on a Beard


#6 Some Men Wear Both Lights & X-mas Pendants!


#7 A Dozens of Different Christmas Beard Designs & Techniques Can Be Found Online


What do you think of these decorated beards?

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