13 Smart Advent Calendars Anyone Can Easily Make

Have you ever made an Advent calendar yourself? If you haven’t perhaps you could make one this year! The framework consists of small containers where you put some tiny gifts. To make them you can use toilet paper rolls, socks, disposable caps or small buckets. Then just hide the gifts and watch other people enjoying your gifts.

#1 Put the gifts in small paper boxes and glue them to a board

#2 Advent cones made of colored paper

#3 A Christmas tree made of toilet paper rolls

#4 A small calendar made of matchboxes

#5 Bags with gifts hanging on the handrail. An interesting idea to display the calendar

#6 Boxes hanging on a stick

#7 Little gifts in tiny socks

#8 Disposable cups can store quite a few gifts

#9 Cloth bags hanging on a string

#10 Colorful candies made of toilet paper rolls

#11 A calendar of red and white buckets

#12 Perhaps the easiest way to design a calendar. Put the presents into paper bags and arrange them in a wicker basket

#13 Muffin molds can store some gifts just as well

Which idea did you like the most?

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