18 Holiday Bloopers Prove That Christmas Is the Happiest Time of the Year

Every country has some crazy Christmas tradition that can seems totally weird in another part of the world. Christmas can be fun, not only because of funny traditions, but also because of unplanned things that become later an anecdote.

# 1 Someone probably didn’t think how this material will look after sewing

# 2 I have no idea why someone considered it as a Christmas decoration

# 3 At first I thought it was a thumb

# 4 Christmas panties?

# 5 A small tip what you can buy as a gift …

# 6 Strange Christmas costume? Why not to dress up as a Christmas ornament?

# 7 Merry Christmas from IT!

# 8 What’s the best way to announce to the world that you love Christmas?

# 9 According to the description, four decorations are in the package …

# 10 It probably doesn’t require a comment

# 11 Set of bunnies and Santa – if you didn’t remember what Holiday we have

# 12 Eyelashes in the eye is a big pain, but you have to admit that they look phenomenal

# 13 Even a baked snowman can melt

# 14 I wonder what went wrong

# 15 When you ask your husband to choose a Christmas tree

# 16 This explains how the Flinstones celebrated Christmas

# 17 It probably wasn’t the best Santa’s day

# 18 At the beginning, I really thought someone was lying in this Christmas tree

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